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The Rose City Crystals is PFSC’s synchronized skating team. We are synchronized figure skaters led by Coach Sabrina Uribe-Ventrella and Crystal Uribe Schoelen. Synchronized skating, the fastest growing discipline of figure skating, is a team sport in which 8-24 skaters perform a program together. It is characterized by teamwork, speed, intricate formations, and challenging steps, which creates an amazing beautiful group performance on ice.  You can see our Junior Team’s free skate program at the 2016 U.S. Synchro Nationals here:

Coach and director Sabrina Uribe-Ventrella formed the Rose City Crystals in 2002 with sister and co-director Crystal Uribe Schoelen. What started as one team has grown to three synchronized skating teams. The synchronized skating teams enter in both ISI and USFS competitions. 
Notable accomplishments
The Rose City Crystals are the reigning 2018 Pacific Coast Open Juvenile Champions. They have also skated at the 2007 US National Championships in Nashville, Tennessee, the 2010 US National Championships in St. Paul, Minnesota, the 2013 US National Championships in Plymouth, Michigan, the 2014 US National Championships in Colorado Springs, and the 2016 US National Championships in Kalamazoo, Michigan. The Rose City Crystals have been recognized by Los Angeles Supervisor Michael Antonovich and Pasadena Councilman Steve Madison. For the 2010 Winter Olympics, the team performed for KTLA’s very own Winter Olympics opening ceremony after placing 1st at the United States Figure Skating sectional competition in Iowa. The Rose City Crystals are featured on the cover of the 3rd book in the Jazzicals Synchronized Skating Team Series, The White Rose Affair by Sharon Whitlock.
Rose City Crystals
Head coach and Director- Sabrina Uribe-Ventrella
Co-director- Crystal Uribe Schoelen
Coaches- Lina Chmiel, Talia Roth, J’Marie Ventrella
Dance Coach- Russ Witherby
Skaters- 48 members
Tryouts are held once a year in the spring. for tryout information contact co-director Crystal Uribe Schoelen at
All teams practice on the weekends only. Practices are held in the morning. 
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