The Pasadena Figure Skating Club is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

You can download a copy of the Club Bylaws here: Amended Bylaws As Of October 2016

You can download a copy of the Articles of Incorporation here:  Articles


About Pasadena Figure Skating Club

Pasadena Figure Skating Club is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to promote and develop the sport of figure skating locally by stimulating interest in and fostering participation and achievement in figure skating. The Club was originally called the Blade and Edge Figure Skating Club of Pasadena and was one of the first clubs established in the Greater Los Angeles area many decades ago. Blade and Edge was housed in the Pasadena Winter Garden rink located at 171 South Arroyo Parkway, until the rink closed December 31, 1966 and was converted into a U.S. Post Office facility. (ref)

In 1976, Blade and Edge was re-organized and re-named the Pasadena Figure Skating Club. A ballroom part of the exhibition hall of the Pasadena Civic Auditorium complex located at 300 East Green Street was converted into an ice rink, which became the home of the newly established PFSC. PFSC was housed at this site for nearly forty years. As the rink became too small to fully support elite-level singles skating or pairs, dance and synchronized skating disciplines, as well as meet the needs of a complete hockey program, the City of Pasadena and the Pasadena Convention Center converted the rink back into a ballroom in 2012. A full NHL-sized rink was built in the existing tent located just behind the old rink.  That September, the Pasadena Figure Skating Club’s annual Open Championships became the first event to be held in the new facility.

The Pasadena Figure Skating Club has grown over the years and is now one of the largest clubs in the area.  PFSC recently hosted its first Southwest Pacific Regional Championships in October 2015, the first step in qualifying skaters for the World Championships and Olympic Games.

PFSC Logo History

The original PFSC Logo featured a rose inside a shield with a yellow crown and blades inset at the top. It was used by the Club until 2000. This vintage logo was featured in the U.S. Figure Skating Museum book of club logos.

Vintage Logo

The current PFSC Logo was designed by Randal Ouye, a member of the Pasadena Adult Hockey League. The logo features a shield with four quadrants. The four quadrants consist of a rose, a key, a crown, and skating blades. “Pasadena” means “of the valley” in the Native American Chippewa language. Over time, Pasadena has been associated with meaning the “Key of the Valley,” the “Crown of the Valley” and the “Hill of the Valley.” The rose has been used to signify the City of Pasadena since it has been the home to the Tournament of Roses for over one hundred years. The PFSC logo was adopted by the Board in November 2013.

Pasadena Skating Logo_J


PFSC Board Members 2017-2018

William TranPresidentwilliam.tran@pasadenafsc.com
Arlanna MoshfeghiVice Presidentarlanna.moshfeghi@pasadenafsc.com
Kevin JohnsonSecretarykevin.johnson@pasadenafsc.com
Gwen McLainTreasurergwen.mclain@gmail.com
Monique BooreGeneral Board Membermonique.boore@pasadenafsc.com
Noah FrankGeneral Board Membernoah.frank@pasadenafsc.com
Linda LeeGeneral Board Memberlinda.lee@pasadenafsc.com
Iris PerezGeneral Board Memberiris.perez@pasadenafsc.com
Janis SavoieGeneral Board Memberjanis.savoie@pasadenafsc.com
Mirka VuolloGeneral Board Membermirka.vuollo@pasadenafsc.com
Sharon WatsonGeneral Board Membersharonla12@aol.com

PFSC Committee Chairs 2017-2018

Membership Preciosa Frankmembership@pasadenafsc.com
Testing Janis Savoietesting@pasadenafsc.com
Competition Monique Boore & Arlanna Moshfeghimonique.boore@pasadenafsc.com; arlanna.moshfeghi@pasadenafsc.com
Club Ice Linda Leelinda.lee@pasadenafsc.com
FundraisingLaura Davidsonlaura.davidson@pasadenafsc.com
Junior Board AdvisorMirka Vuollomirka.vuollo@pasadenafsc.com
TechnologyKevin Johnsonkevin.johnson@pasadenafsc.com
Parents RepresentativeTBD
Adult Skater RepresentativeJeanne Johnsonjeanne.johnson@pasadenafsc.com
Coaches RepresentativeCrystal Uribecrystaluribe@hotmail.com
Safe Sport ComplianceNoah Franknoah.frank@pasadenafsc.com
VolunteerKevin Johnsonkevin.johnson@pasadenafsc.com
Synchro RepresentativeRhonda Harmonharmonbiz4@gmail.com

PFSC Junior Board 2017-2018

Morgan YazdiPresident
Serena WangVice President
Jade LiSecretary
Salla KimTreasurer
Kelley WuGeneral Board Member
Ashley YeungSocial Chair
Elizabeth HongGeneral Board Member
Sofia FrankGeneral Board Member
Rachel WangGeneral Board Member
Giselle ChuPublicity Chair
Hayden WrightGeneral Board Member
Theresa WangGeneral Board Member
Christina CostanzoGeneral Board Member
Lily ShiaGeneral Board Member
Mei-Li OkamuraGeneral Board Member