USFS Testing

While competitive skaters are required to participate in the U.S. Figure Skating test structure in order to compete, all skaters may opt to take tests as a means of continually challenging themselves and their skating abilities. Tests are available in skating skills, singles, pairs and ice dance, and a separate track is available for adults age 21 and older. As a skater advances, the tests become more difficult, so each test passed is a definite cause for celebration. Learn more about USFS test levels.

Upcoming Test Dates

Testing DateTest TypeRegistration OpensRegistration ClosesTesting Schedule
Sat, May 25, 2024virtualTue, Apr 23 at 8 pmMon, May 20 at 5 pm
Sat June 22, 2024in-person
Sat June 29, 2024virtualTue, May 28 at 8 pmMon, Jun 24 at 5 pm
Sat July 27, 2024virtualTue, Jun 25 at 8 pmMon, Jul 22 at 5 pm
Sat Aug 24, 2024virtualTue, Jul 23 at 8 pmMon, Aug 19 at 5 pm

In-Person Testing

Test sessions are usually held once a month on Saturdays from 8:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.  Registration for each session opens a month in advance. Keep in mind that future test dates may be subject to change until registration opens.  Testing sessions often fill up very quickly, so we suggest that you sign up right after registration opens. 

You can register for an upcoming test on EntryEeze website by going to, entering your EntryEeze credentials and choosing Test Sessions link.   Tests are scheduled in the order received with priority given to PFSC members as well as syncho and qualifying competition requirements.  Keep in mind that registration can close before the stated deadline if all the available slots fill up.

Testing fees are listed on the EntryEeze website. Request to move to a later test date or withdraw must be made at least one (1) week prior to the test date and can only be changed once for any given testing session or fees will be forfeited. This includes changes made by a skater, parent or coach.  The fees are NON-REFUNDABLE within one week of the test, unless cancellation is due to an injury or illness. In this case doctor’s note must accompany the request for a refund.

Please contact the test chair at [email protected] for more information.

Virtual Testing

The club also offers virtual testing opportunities for skaters unable to sign up for in-person testing sessions. For each virtual test session registration will close early if we reach our maximum capacity of 8 skaters.

You can register for an upcoming test on EntryEeze website by going to, entering your EntryEeze credentials and choosing Test Sessions link.  Once you complete the registration process, you will receive an email asking you submit a video of your skater. When recording this video, make sure to start by stating the skater’s name, testing event, and date and time of the recording. You must also include a close up of a device that shows date and time. Finally, make sure the video is zoomed in, so the skater is seen from head to foot and is the main figure in the video. The judges need to see their feet and face clearly.  Record with no more than 8 skaters on the ice.  Please see this Video Requirements document for more detailed instructions.

All videos must be recorded within fourteen days of the test date (with the recording day being the first and the test date being the fourteenth day) and uploaded by 11:59 pm on the test date. Please submit your videos as early as you can, so if there is a problem with the video, you will have time to resubmit before the test date. There will be no refund if your video is rejected after the video upload deadline.

In addition to the video you must submit an Affidavit for Virtual Testing and Name and Likeness Release and Consent Agreement. The affidavit must be completed by your coach at the time of filming, so make sure to bring it with you to the recording session.

All the documents (the video, the affidavit and the release) must be uploaded and submitted via Entryeeze. We will not be accepting email or website submissions. You will need to log into the skater’s account to upload all of the materials. Failure to upload the affidavit and videos by the test deadline will cause a forfeiture of the test fees.  Testing fees are listed on the EntryEeze website.

Please contact the virtual test chair at [email protected] for further details.

IJS Protocol for Test Credit

Please find our form for requesting test credit via an IJS protocol from a non-qualifying competition here
For more information, please contact the test chair at [email protected].

Past testing sessions

are archived here