Pasadena Figure Skating Club Coaches

natasha_adler_deguzmanNatasha Adler-DeGuzman

Natasha is a USFS double Gold medalist and Senior Gold medalist in national and state games, and a member of the USFS, ISI, and PSA. She has been trained by former Olympians, and has skated in numerous ice shows nationally and internationally. Natasha teaches all ages and all levels, and has built skaters from the beginner level on to become USFS National level competitors. Her main focus is on Freestyle and moves in the field.

Natasha attended Columbia College Chicago (Dance), and is also a certified Pilates Instructor and Personal Trainer.
victoria_boaVictoria Boa

Victoria was born into a New jersey show biz family and at the age of five was part of a theatrical duo with her mom, Shirley. Both gals sang, danced and played musical instruments for a variety of events. Victoria left the stage to train as a competitive figure skater followed by becoming a coach to Nationally ranked figure skaters. Eventually, Victoria returned to her acting roots. She studied, trained and evolved as a professional actress while continuing to coach her competitive skater’s. In addition to Victoria’s technical expertise as an ice skating coach, she specializes in the artistic side of the sport. Victoria is the creator of Acting On Ice, which she premiered in 2010 at The Toyota Sports Center. This technique is based on Victoria’s training as an actress and ice skating coach combined and gives a skater the edge over his/her competitor’s in the component score in the areas of Interpretation and Performance. Victoria coaches all ages and all levels as an ISI and USFS coach.
scott_carsonScott Carson

Scott has 30 years of coaching experience.  He coaches skaters of all levels and specializes in freestyle skating, including jumps and spins, moves in the field, and choreography. He has trained several skaters through the novice and junior level,   prepared skaters for regional competitions, and coached skaters through double and triple jumps.  He has also coached show skaters for performance. Scott’s students have performed in national ice skating shows and become professional ice skating coaches. Scott trained with Olympic and World coach Frank Carroll and is a U.S. National Novice Men’s Champion.  He has performed in several ice shows, including Ice  Follies, Knott’s Berry Farm and has appeared on television shows such as Days of Our Lives.  He has also directed ice shows and competitions.

Credentials, Certificates, Degrees: Gold medalist in Figures and Freestyle Trained for ten years with Olympic and World coach Frank Carroll B.A. Degree: CSUN PSA, USFSA, and ISI credentials. Contact: [email protected]
Iain Kite

Iain Kite has been teaching for over 30 years. He specializes in Moves in the Field, and teaches good edges, pattern, proper lobing, good knee rhythm, and timing. He has over 20 senior test and many more of junior, novice, intermediate, juvenile, pre-juvenile, preliminary, and pre preliminary. Many coaches who are having problems with their skaters passing a test will send them to him. If you need to get in contact with Iain, his contact number is (818) 324-1524.
taliaTalia Marin

Talia has been coaching single skating for 18 years and synchronized skating for 5 years. In addition to working with skaters on the ice, Talia trains in off-ice fitness. She is a gold medalist in Moves in the Field. She holds a B.A. in Liberal Studies, an M.S. in Kinesiology-Exercise Science and is a certified Sports Nutrition Specialist.
Crystal SchoelenCrystal Uribe Schoelen

Crystal has been coaching singles and synchronized skating for fifteen years. She is the director of the Rose City Crystals synchronized skating non-profit organization, and has taken multiple teams to Nationals. In singles, Crystal has trained several skaters who have earned the title of U.S. Figure Skating gold medalist, in both free skate and moves in the field. Her credentials include Category A certified coach, U.S. Figure Skating gold medalist, ISI Gold judge, and ISI synchronized skating judge. In addition, Crystal earned a B.A. in Communications and a M.A. in Education with a counseling credential.
christina_wickenhagenChristina Wickenhagen

Christina toured with Disney on ice for two years, including High School Musical and Princess Wishes, both doing lead roles and ensemble. She has taught on-ice and off-ice strengthening and stretch classes, as well as ballet. Going to high school for the arts majoring in dance and studying with Alvin Ailey of the San Francisco ballet, she has found love in choreography and artistry, bringing her students to life during their routines.

Christina has passed up to Senior Ladies moves in the field, and has passed up to Silver in ice dancing. She is a member of ISI and USFS. She specializes in spins, choreography, artistry, flexibility, stroking skills, and jumps.
Wendy Zhang

Wendy is a three time former national Junior champion and national team coach of China. She teaches all competitive levels from beginner to advanced, and has trained several skaters who have received top places in regional competitions. Wendy coached Miral Nagasu for more than five years. Specializes in freestyle skating and moves in the field.
Terri Suzanne

Terri is a Gold Medalist in Figures & Freestyle. She also has her Pre-Gold in Dance and is PSA Senior Rated. She is a Regional and National Coach with over 30 years teaching experience. She specializes in Jumps, Spins and Moves in the Field, emphasizing precision and stability of technique. She is a former professional skater with Ice Capades and holds an MBA from Georgetown University and a BA from the University of Colorado. She encourages her students to excel in their scholastic studies as well as in their competitive training in figure skating. The wisdom she has gained from such a wide variety of experiences enhances her ability to guide her students to accomplish the goals they set for themselves.

Contact Terri at 949-433-8181 or at [email protected].