Special Schedule

Due to COVID-19 Club Ice is currently on a special schedule which is subject to change at any time. Please note all Club Ice sessions are taking place at Paramount Iceland.

Currently available sessions are below:

April 17th

Registration slots are available at 2 times:

8:00am – 9:00am (all levels)
9:00am – 10:00am (all levels)

Skaters must be first-club members and pre-registered through the PFSC Entryeeze page due to COVID-19 restrictions at the rink. The Entryeeze page can be found here:
Log into your account and select Contract Ice. Expand “Paramount,” choose your selected time(s), and make your payment from the shopping cart.

A full list of rules for these special sessions follow:

  • Everyone
    1. This is only open to First Club Members.
    2. The price per hour is $15. We have two separate hours. You may purchase one or two hours.
    3. Only advance credit card purchases via Entryeeze are accepted. No sign-ups and/or payments at the door.
    4. We have a maximum of 20 people on the ice (coaches count towards the 20).
    5. Everyone will be subject to a temperature check at the door.
    6. Everyone will have to sign Paramount Iceland’s waiver. We encourage you to print it out in advance.
    7. Note that the PFSC membership waiver you agreed to when signing up or renewing membership covers this activity.
    8. Only one family in the restroom at a time. No changing in the restroom allowed.
    9. Upon entry, each skater will sit at a marked spot to tie skates and maintain social distancing from others.
    10. Off-ice individuals must sit in the bleachers or stand in the lobby, but must maintain a 6-foot distance from others at all times.
    11. We will be letting you know on a week to week basis about our ice time.
    12. It is important that everyone follow all of Paramount’s rules as well as PFSC’s rules if we wish to be able to continue to offer Club Ice at this time.
    13. We have a maximum of 10 people off the ice in the building. These people will not be charged.
    14. Everyone will have to wear masks at all times, whether on or off the ice (including coaches, skaters, and non-skaters). No masks will be provided by the Club.
    15. Here will be more than one SafeSport compliant adult in the building. If you wish to be one of the ten non-skaters allowed in the building, it will be first come first serve. We encourage parents to work with one another to coordinate any substitutions.
    16. If you are only purchasing the first hour, you need to exit the building immediately after your session ends.
    17. While we are reserving this time slot with Paramount for the next few weeks, ice rinks can be closed down at any time, so we must continue to operate on a week to week basis.
    18. Please do not bring non-skating family members who are not acting as guardians, e.g., minor siblings. We must keep the footprint as small as possible.
    19. If you are not able to skate the session for any reason, e.g., not passing the temperature screening, declining to sign Paramount’s waiver, change of plans, etc., there will be no refunds.
    20. At Paramount’s request, no items may be placed on the boards.


  • Skater specific
    1. Previous Club Ice credits may not be applied to these Paramount sessions. Any credits will continue to be held over for when we can resume Club Ice at the Pasadena rink.
    2. Skaters can bring their own belt for preforming a program. Belts may not be shared.
    3. We understand that there is demand for second club and non-club members to skate. Our priority must be our first club members. However, we will continue to monitor attendance, and if there is room in the future, we will consider opening sessions to second club members.


  • Coach specific
    1. Coaches skating on-ice will need to pay the $15 in advance via Entryeeze as well. Keep in mind that Paramount is not charging coaches rink fees.
    2. Coaches may opt to attend a session and remain off-ice at no cost. If you wish to coach a skater while remaining off-ice, there is no fee. There are a maximum of 5 coaches off-ice, so please arrive early if you wish to coach off-ice.

Regular Schedule

The Club Ice regular schedule is currently on hold due to COVID-19.

For more information, please contact the Club Session Chair:
( [email protected]).

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